About Us

Dr. Joey Speers has been a healthcare provider for over 11 years in the health and wellness space. He has fallen in love with the body sculpting industry and technology in the past couple of years, and has decided to create a more convenient and affordable option compared to the rest of the marketplace. Dr. Joey has a passion to help people not only look great but feel amazing as well.

Why Mobile Body Sculpt?

No Down Time

With no invasive procedures, there is no down time! Receive your treatments when and where is convenient to you and get back to your day, immediately. No need to take time out of your life to look and feel your best.

Non-invasive, Non-surgical

Body Sculpting is unlike traditional sculpting, which requires surgery. We produce results through our use of advanced technology to reduce and remove fat cells and cellulite.

Quick & Convenient

Along with no down time recovering from extensive procedures, sessions with Mobile Body Sculpt are quick and at your convenience. With our mobile treatment facility, we bring the treatments to you, wherever that may be!

Why Choose Us?

Gussie O.

I have no regrets! I’ve seen amazing results already.

George G.

The service was excellent. I’d be lost without Mobile Body Sculpt.

Kelsey U.

This is simply unbelievable! I feel better than ever after just a few sessions. 

Tarah Z.

Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the great service. Mobile Body Sculpt helped the way I look and it’s just amazing.