RF Cavitation

See a visible reduction in cellulite by disrupting water molecules around the fat cells.

The RF Cavitation

The RF Cavitation modality on the CryoLyft Pro Device is scientifically designed with a specific frequency that is painlessly emitted out of the device and onto the body. This frequency causes the water and air molecules around the fat cells to “pop” and thus causing the fat in the fat cell to dissolve in that area. RF Cavitation has been around the body sculpting industry for decades and is specifically used for cellulite reduction due to it’s principle purpose to smooth the skin and reduce fat pocket areas that are normally associated with cellulite.

Kelsey U.
This is simply unbelievable. I feel better than ever after just a few sessions.

George G.
The service was excellent. I’d be lost without Mobile Body Sculpt.

Additional Services

Pulsed Ultrasound

Liquefy fat and drain it away through our heated, pulsed ultrasound.

TEC Body Shape

Targeted muscle contraction leads to a reduction in fat thickness.

TEC Glutes

Targeted muscle contractions in the gluteal area lead to increase muscle firmness.