Mobile Body Sculpt brings a variety of non-invasive solutions that are proven to cause fat reduction and muscle firming results, directly at your door. We help you get the body you’ve always wanted through the ease and convenience of our mobile body sculpting van.


Check out our revolutionary technology solutions for non-surgical fat loss and muscle tightening!

TEC Body Shape

Targeted muscle contraction leads to a reduction in fat thickness.

Pulsed Ultrasound

Liquefy fat and drain it away through our heated, pulsed ultrasound.

RF Cavitation

See a visible reduction in cellulite by disrupting water molecules around the fat cells.

TEC Glutes

Targeted muscle contractions in the gluteal area lead to increase muscle firmness.

How to start?


Schedule a consultation

We pair you with a specialist to create a tailored plan to meet your specific goals.


Get Started!

We bring the treatment to you! With zero downtime following sessions, you are able to get back to your day.


Stick with the plan

By creating a schedule and sticking with it, you will begin to see changes in as little as 6 weeks!