TEC Body Shape

Targeted muscle contraction leads to a reduction in fat thickness.

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The TEC Body Shape device produces an electromagnetic field that causes your own muscles to contract by using your on energy potential of your body. This is different from an electrical stimulus device that just causes the muscle to twitch. The TEC causes actual muscle change in the targeted area, all while burning the energy supply (fat) in that specific area. That’s why it’s called TEC which stands for Targeted Electromagnetic Contractions. Studies have shown that over 6 session that area each 30 minutes long, there is a 16% muscle mass growth and a 19% fat loss in that specific targeted area. That means more firmness and less fluff!

Real Results

Gussie O.
I have no regrets! I’ve seen amazing results already.

George G.
The service was excellent. I’d be lost without Mobile Body Sculpt.

Kelsey U.
This is simply unbelievable. I feel better than ever after just a few sessions.

Additional Services

Pulsed Ultrasound

Liquefy fat and drain it away through our heated, pulsed ultrasound.

RF Cavitation

See a visible reduction in cellulite by disrupting water molecules around the fat cells.

TEC Glutes

Targeted muscle contractions in the gluteal area lead to increase muscle firmness.